Tricks to Build Lean Muscle

If you wish to develop a ripped body, then it is important to follow a strict diet and an exercise regime that aims to help you tone your muscles. The diet has to be such that it allows you to break your meal into 6 to 7 smaller meals so that you can digest the food easily and your body gets the right number of carbs. The exercise routine should be rigorous and make you feel the burn.

But these are well-known theories. If you wish to know about some of the secrets of building lean muscles, then read on!

Dietary cheats

You must know that a clean diet is one of the most abused diets in the world of bodybuilding. Every other builder wants to get on a clean diet to develop the body of his dreams. However, it is not important to note that you do not have to undertake a clean diet to develop a lean body. If you cheat a little, then it will prove to be advantageous for you. But this does not mean that you end up consuming processed and junk foods. It means that sometimes increasing the good fat in your diet can help you lose weight faster. The science behind this is that when you diet, the levels of leptin in your body begin to drop. Leptin keeps your hunger levels low and raises your metabolism. So, when the metabolism rises, leptin levels fall, and you burn fewer calories and end up eating more. When you overeat, your leptin levels get a boost, and your metabolism rises, and hunger lowers and lets you burn away more calories and consumes less food. Try to increase your daily calorie intake by 25 to 50 percent one day a week and double your carb intake on that day.

Eating before bed

When you are asleep, your body goes into a state of fasting. And ends up removing amino acids from your muscles that act as food for your brain when there is no food available. Muscle loss usually tends to negatively impact metabolism and can stand in the way of your weight loss. So, eating just before hitting the sack will meat that the amino acids are taken away from the meal and not from your muscles. But that does not mean you go only for proteins and fats. A few foods to consider include yogurt, cheese, nuts, and protein powders. These happen to be slow-digesting foods that can encourage your body to burn additional fat. Consuming chili and spice products that contain casein can also help you burn more of your fat. You can consume about half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese along with some chili powder or paprika. Make cutlets using them or a simple curry.

Slow carbs before the workout

One mistake that most people make before going for a workout is that they tend to consume fast carbs. Although these will give you a great deal of energy, they will not help you burn away the fat as with slow-digesting carbs. It is even better if they are low glycemic according to studies, those athletes who consumed a meal before working out that contains slow-digesting carbs and proteins had the chance to burn away more fat when working out and during exercise in general. They were also able to keep off exhaustion for longer giving them the chance to work out more. Try to consume about 25 to 45 grams of low glycemic carbs along with about 22 grams of whey protein just before 30 minutes of working out. You can choose between oatmeal and sweet potatoes.

Fat is good

Do not make the mistake of cutting down on fat in your body. If you wish to be ripped, then it is key to incorporate some amount of fat. Some healthy fats include the likes of omega-three fatty acids ad they can help you lower your body fats. Some good sources of this fat include salmon fish, olive oil, eggs, and nuts. As per studies, a group of people who consumed lots of almonds was able to lose more weight and body fat as compared to those who consumed meals that contained the same number of calories and carbs but lower fats. You must try to maintain the daily calorie intake to about 20 to 30 percent per day. Consuming eggs in the morning can help you incorporate a good deal of good fat in the morning. They can help you lose a significant amount of weight as well. Consume three whole eggs followed by three egg whites.

Fruits to consume

You might not agree with me if I say that some fruits are better at helping you lose weight compared to others. This is because we tend to think of all fruits as being less calorific and having the least carbs and thus helping us lose weight faster. However, it is possible to achieve better results by consuming certain fruits as compared to others. As per study reports, people who consumed half a grapefruit and drank grapefruit juice three times a day were able to burn fat better and lost about 4 pounds of weight in 12 weeks. This can be owing to grapefruit having the ability to lower the insulin levels in the body and increase the rate of metabolism. Apples also make a great choice to lose weight as they contain antioxidants as well as boost and strengthen your body and assist with weight loss. Consume a glass of grapefruit in the mornings and have one during your evening snack and a large apple during lunch or dinner or before working out.

Calcium intake

Many people do not realize that consuming dairy is not about increasing protein intake. It is about the calcium intake that can greatly help with weight loss. Calcium is known to help with weight loss, especially from the ab area. It is believed that a hormone known as calcitriol helps in gaining fat and slows down the burning of fat. When calcium is consumed, this hormone is suppressed to a great extent thereby allowing you to lose more weight. Calcium can also reduce the level of dietary fat that is consumed and absorbed by your intestines and might also lower your appetite. Go for dairy products that are low in fat such as Greek yogurt and skimmed milk. Consume them at least twice a day, as they will also enhance the level of proteins in your body.

Go for organics

It is important to consume organically grown produce even if it means shelling out a little extra. If you care about your health, then it is important to consume all-natural food products that are good for your body. As per a study, those who consumed organic milk ended up consuming 70 percent more omega-three fats compared to those who consumed regular milk. Those who consumed organic meats had more omega-three fatty acids that help in burning away fats and building lean muscles. So, try to go for organic milk, cottage cheese, and eggs as much as possible.

Consume cold water

It is understood that drinking water can help you in greatly reducing your body fat. But one neat trick is to consume cold water, which can greatly help you in losing weight and developing lean muscles. As per studies, those who consumed 2 cups of cold water had the chance to enhance metabolic activity by 30%. It is known that this is due to an increase in the norepinephrine levels that are brought on by the consumption of water. According to another study, those who drank 2 cups of water in between meals consumed less food and lost more weight compared to those who did not drink any water in between meals. So, you must drink about 2 cups of water during your meals so that you can digest the food better.

Many people are used to consuming sodas and artificially sweetened drinks that end up adding unnecessary calories. Research shows that they also tend to increase your appetite and might cause you to consume more food than your body needs. It is best to avoid drinking these and depend on water to lose weight faster.

Consume soy

Most men trying to lose weight and develop muscles do not think of soya as something they should add to their diet. However, it is important to consume soya if you wish to develop lean muscles. Soya is a natural fat burner that burns away fat at a rapid pace. Research has found that those who consume 20 grams of soya per day can lose quite a lot of weight, especially in the abdominal area as compared to consuming foods containing casein. Soya helps in building lean muscles and increase the level of growth hormones in the body. Try to consume at least 10 grams of soy protein per day.