The Laws of Attraction of Body

We will look at some of the basics of the law of attraction. There happen to be two main theories or parameters that people consider to be laws of attraction. They are known as the halo effect and the golden ratio. These are two theories that have been tested over time and prove to be legitimate standards. So, therefore, the more a person’s physical assets fit within the parameters of the golden ratio and the halo effect, the more attractive they remain.

Many psychologists have termed it as a very interesting way of looking at how science works and how evolutionary psychology plays a big role in making people think in certain ways. It is these theories that help in making up people’s minds on whether someone is attractive or not.

The golden ratio is a concept that emphasizes on the perfect body shape that a man must possess to attract women. The concept is based on ideas of symmetry and how your body is structured. This does not mean that women will look at you and start calculating to check if you are attractive. But if your body fits into the parameters then you will be instantly attractive to women.

One of the parameters of the golden ratio is the waist to shoulder measurement. This ratio is used to check whether a person has the right proportions and remains attractive to women. Broad shoulders indicate strength, virility, and authority and are often treated as gold standards of attraction. However, this “broad” differs from person to person and depends on the shoulder to waist ratio.

If you wish to make the most of this golden ratio, then you have to know about the Adonis index. The index is one that states your shoulders are broader than your waist. If you have such an appearance, then you will be easy to spot from anywhere and can draw in instant attraction. The perfect dimensions of this ratio are known as the golden ratio. So, say for example your waist is given the value of 1; in this case, your shoulder should be 1.618. These numbers will put you in the category of the ideal Adonis axis. 1.618 is considered to be the golden number.

The right way of going about this is by measuring your waist and then developing your shoulders accordingly. It will be easier than going the other way around. So, say for example your waist measures 30 inches. Your goal will be to develop shoulders that are 48.54 inches. If you keep these parameters in mind, then you can develop the perfect body.

On the other side, if you happen to have naturally broader shoulders then you can work on reducing your waist size proportionately so that they fall within these parameters. So, if your shoulders happen to be 55 inches, then you have to develop a waist that is around 34 inches. This will be proportionate to your shoulders and make you appear attractive.

This theory proves that you do not have to be super skinny to be attractive to others. You have to bear the measurements in mind and work on your body to fall within the prescribed numbers.

Here is a simple example to help you understand how you can go about the process of fitting within the parameters.

Let’s say you have a waist that is 28 inches and shoulders are 40 inches. Your current Adonis index stands at 1.43. This means that you have to put in some level of effort to change the dimensions of your body to fall within the recommended parameters.

To do this, you have to work on increasing your shoulder broadness or increase the size of your waist. You can choose either based on whatever is easier to accomplish. If you have always been skinny, then you might find it tough to modify your waist size but, through proper exercise, it might be easy to develop broad shoulder muscles.

If you consume foods that bulk your abdomen area, then you will be able to increase your waist size. Remember that you do not have to force yourself to develop perfect shoulders and waist size. It is fine if the ratio goes to 1.58 or 1.61 etc.

One of the biggest advantages associated with calculating your Adonis index and modifying your workouts is that you will know exactly what exercises to take up so that you can fall within the recommended parameters. This means that you can pick work out regimes based on how you wish to modify your body.

In fact, if you pay attention to your waist to shoulder ratio then your perfect body is extremely easy to develop and within arms reach.

Here are some pointers to get you started.

  • First off, measure yourself and write it down.
  • If your goal is to lose weight around the abdomen to develop the ideal waist, then pick exercises that fight fat loss. Pick exercises that will help you move your waist size to fit within the Adonis axis.
  • If you wish to increase the size of your shoulders, then take up exercises that will help you in doing so.
  • The basic idea is to get it to go to 1.68 times your waist measurement or a number close to it.

Once you get there, you have to put in the efforts to maintain it. You will see that it is easy to maintain your body since you will know exactly how many inches you should maintain.

Halo effect

The halo effect is another parameter that you can use to measure the attractiveness of a male. It is believed that people tend to assume that those who are attractive tend to have special, additional traits and qualities that make them attractive.

As per the halo effect, it is common for people to assume that qualities such as intelligence, productivity and success are instantly attractive to others. It is these features that people look for while looking for partners.

In fact, research studies have found that those who are attractive get more help from others compared to less attractive people and those involved in court cases receive less punishment as compared to others.

This type of phenomenon is said to happen without any conscious bearing. People do not think that they are being biased towards attractive people, it happens to be an unconscious decision. This type of attractiveness tends to cause a halo that people are blinded by and often end up making unconscious decisions.

Let us now look at what causes this attractiveness and why it is a big part of our lives.

As per psychologists, people are forced to believe that something is attractive based on what they see on television and keep in mind some parameters that they use to check whether someone is attractive or not. Say, for example, movies always portray the hero to be better looking, wealthy and always winning at the end. Most people tend to think the same way and end up like those who are attractive and good-looking.

Research studies have shown that several people who are considered attractive are also intelligent and successful. This is because intelligent and attractive people tend to find and marry their equal matches and end up having children who are intelligent and attractive. So, if you wish to attract a good-looking woman, then you must make the effort of looking good yourself.

The attractiveness of the halo effect is considered the light we tend to feel and experience in the company of others who we feel are attractive. So, if someone will make you feel great about yourself, then you have convinced yourself that they are attractive. Once you do, nothing but their good qualities will seem attractive to you.

So essentially, the more attractive you are, the higher your chances of attracting attractive women. Apart from women, you also stand the chance of attracting better jobs, higher salaries, etc. A halo is automatically created once you develop inner confidence and exude it outwards. Women will be attracted to your overall persona and take an instant liking to you.

But it is not so easy to develop a halo and takes quite a lot of effort. You should be ready to change the way you think and how you present yourself.