Natural Supplements to Consume for Healthy Body

If you wish to develop a healthy body then here are some natural supplements to consider. These natural supplements can increase the rate at which you burn fat and develop the body of your dreams.


Chitosan is a sugar that is found in the outer layers of seafood such as shrimps and crabs. According to scientists, this sugar can block fats and cholesterol from being absorbed into your skin and make its way to your body. Although there has not been enough research on this topic, it is believed that Chitosan helps in cutting down on body fats to some extent and helps with digestion. Chitosan does not have any known side effects. You can get this chemical into your systems by consuming seafood such as lobsters and crabs.

Chromium picolinate

Chromium happens to be a mineral that helps in enhancing insulin function in the body. It is a hormone that is essential to turn food into energy. Our bodies require chromium to convert and store the carbs, fats, and proteins. As per studies, chromium can be consumed to reduce the appetite, burn away calories and cut down on body fats. It also helps in increasing muscle mass.

But make sure you consume within the recommended limits as otherwise, it can lead to insomnia, headaches, etc.


Ashwagandha has been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. It is known to cut down on the fat content in the body and promote weight loss. It is a natural adaptogen and has been proven to fight away stress. Consuming just a little amount can help you maintain a calm mind and develop a strong body. Ashwagandha capsules and tablets are quite popular around the world and used for stress relief and weight loss.


Ginseng is a Chinese herb that is used to fight away excess fat and develop a slim body. It can boost your energy levels and keep you going throughout the day. It helps with regulating blood sugar levels thereby ensuring that your diabetes is under control. Ginseng root and root powder are available online and can be consumed. But make sure it is genuine and buy only from trusted dealers.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is an herb that is consumed to increase blood flow to cells. It has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is still extremely popular and used in the weight loss industry. It is also consumed for its high antioxidant content. Ginkgo also helps to increase the level of testosterone in the body. It can be consumed in powdered and tablet form.


CLA is known as conjugated linoleic acid. It is a popular supplement that is present in fatty acids called linoleic acid. It helps to control body fat and helps you remain full. As per research, CLA helps in losing weight and enhancing muscle gain. Just by consuming 2 grams of CLA you can effectively control weight loss and increase muscle mass. However, you have to consult your physician first as some of its side effects include insulin resistance and nausea.

Green tea extract

Green tea is a popular supplement that has been consumed since time immemorial. It helps in curbing the appetite and enhancing metabolism. Green tea is full of antioxidants that are required to keep you healthy and help in fighting away oxidative damage. Apart from drinking green tea regularly, it is also important for you to consume green tea supplements. However, do not drink tea too close to bedtime as it can lead to insomnia.

Green coffee

According to research, it is possible to lose weight by consuming green coffee extracts. A green coffee extract can help in cutting down on the fat content in your body and accelerate metabolism. A green coffee extract can be consumed in the form of powder or capsule.

Guar gum

Guar gum is a fiber-rich supplement that can be consumed to enhance digestive capacity. It is helpful in dissolving fats in the body. Guar gum helps you feel full and cut down on your appetite to a large extent. Guar gum can be consumed in powder form on a daily basis.


Hoodia is a plant that grows in the deserts of Africa. It has been used by tribal folk since time immemorial to cut down on their hunger during long trips. Hoodia is now consumed as an appetite suppressant to control hunger. It contains a chemical known as P57 that helps in controlling hunger. It can be consumed in powder or tablet form.


Keto DHEA is a chemical that is naturally present in your body. It can help you lose weight and boost your metabolic activity. With the help of the chemical, you can enhance calorie burn. According to studies, people who consumed the supplement and undertook moderate exercises were able to lose a significant amount of weight. But research is still on to understand how it works and how it can help in building a fit body. But it is important to consume in the recommended dose to ensure that your body gets the right amount and does not lead to side effects.

Remember that you have to consult your physician before choosing any of these to ensure that they are safe to be consumed. If you suffer from an illness, then make sure you tell your doctor about the same and also tell him about any medicines that you currently consume.

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